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Reading & Writing Skills

Reading and writing skills are essential across all areas of the currciulum and at St Mary’s children enjoy developing these skills through engaging and interesting daily Literacy lessons and also through cross curricular activities.  We place great importance in providing meaningful experiences for children that help them to develop a love for reading and writing!  For example, the children in Class 1 are currently hatching chicks and are in the process of writing diaries, noting the changes they observe to the chicks each day.  The children throuroughly enjoy their weekly ‘Big Writing’ lessons, during which they enjoy writing for different purposes. Big Writing is seen by the children as a special time where they gain pleasure from the sheer enjoyment of writing.

We believe that parental involvement is vital for children to achieve and develop confidence with reading and writing and throughout school we actively encourage parents to become involved with their child’s learning through our home-school reading scheme and other homework based activities.  We also enjoy celebrating our love for reading and writing through events, such as ‘Roald Dahl’ week, during which children in each class read a different book by Roald Dahl and dressed up as different Roald Dahl characters.  They also enjoyed activites, such as, writing instructions for making bird pie from ‘The Twits’  and then actually making the pie!  Our bedtime reading evening was a great success; children and parents came back to school in their pjamas to enjoy stories and cups of hot chocolate!

As a school we are proud of our excellent Reading and Writing SATs results and our aim is to ensure each child achieves in these important areas.