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Charging Policy

The school is not permitted to charge for activities which take place during school hours, with the exception of curricular / extra curricular activity requirements (e.g. music tuition, transport costs, specialist subjects via external agencies – e.g. school music service, visitors to school, etc.)

However, the school may ask for voluntary contributions for the benefit of the school, or in support of an activity organised by the school or class, e.g. baking or an educational visit.

It will be made clear to all parents when asking for a voluntary contribution that:

  • There is no obligation to donate;
  • No child will be treated differently according to whether their parents have made a contribution in response to the request;
  • If an activity cannot be funded without the help of voluntary contributions, then it may be necessary to cancel the activity;
  • Only necessary costs are covered and no profit is made by the school.

We are grateful for the support and cooperation we receive from parents and staff in this matter.

This policy will be reviewed annually.